Standard Operating Procedures

The Joy Lab maintains a strict policy towards following proper scientific procedures. Every member is expected to adhere to the established lab protocols. The standard operating procedures for a range of equipment’s available to the Joy Lab members are listed below.

1.> Introduction to Joy Lab

2.> Guidelines for Good Lab Citizenship

3.> Chemical Storage, Use, and Disposal

4.> Emergency Response

5.> Handling and Cleaning with Aqua Regia

6.> Handling Vacuum Ovens, Gas Cylinders

7.> How to Setup and Use Schlenk Lines

8.> How to Run Column and Flash Chromatography

9.> How to Dry Solvents

10.> How to use the CEM Microwave Reactor

11.> How to use the Centrifuge

12.> How to use the DYMAX

13.> How to use the Rotovaps & General Equipment Maintenance

14.> How to use the NMR

15.> How to use the Labcono Lyophilizer

16.> How to use the Mill-Q Water Purifier

17.> How to use the SHIMADZU FT-IR

18.> How to use the SHIMADZU UV-Vis

19.> How to use the TA Instruments Q500 TGA

20.> How to use the TA Instruments Q2000 DSC

21.> How to use the TOSOH GPC


**The Joy Lab SOPs were compiled by members of the Joy Lab as well as from the following SOPs, lab manuals, guides, and online resources: