We are a bunch of chemists, polymer scientists, and biomaterial fanatics who believe that doing science is for everyone. In this channel, we encourage everyone, everywhere to take a look at the way we conduct experiments. We focus on demonstrating organic synthesis, polymerization reactions, polymer characterization, and 3D printing of biomaterials. Our goal is to provide information for anyone with a passion for learning.

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Polyesterification Videos

These videos demonstrate how to synthesize degradable functional polyesters at room temperature. The two diols combined with a diacid were esterified at room temperature using the Steglich esterification reaction. N,N-diisopropylcarbodiimide (DIC) and DPTS were used as the catalytic system. These functional polyesters are designed to fabricate biodegradable nanoparticle for drug delivery applications.

Synthesis of polyester

Purification of polyester

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Opioid detection technology
Drug RevealKit

Underwater Adhesives